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Call Me! 204-226-7122

Cheap Kamagra Buy Uk, Ropinirole manufacturer warranty

Certified iPEC and ICF Coach

As an iPEC Certified Professional Coach (CPC), I offer the distinct advantage of using the Core Energy Coaching™ process that draws upon what works well in consulting, counselling, and other helping modalities, combing them into a process that's incredibly effective for your growth and development.

Professional Education Coaching

A transformational process to empower and engage you and members of the learning community to address individual, social, and organizational levels inside educational systems.

Coach Centric Leadership for Education Professionals

Utilizing leadership design, business and management theories, and instructional best practices, this iPEC program reinforces the link between the individual efforts of school leaders and the impact of their influence on educational organizations.
T. 204.226.7122
101-450 Youville Street
Winnipeg, MB, Canada