Professional Education Coaching


What is Educational Coaching?

Prednisone Buy Without Rx Educational Coaching is…

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  • An extraordinary and unique relationship designed to create a significant impact and sustainable results in educational settings.
  • A transformational process to empower and engage the learning community in order to address individual, social, and organizational levels inside educational systems.
  • A process that capitalizes on an educator’s experience to advance personal and professional growth.

Is Educational Coaching for Me?

Seroquel Discount Programs How closely does this resemble you?

  • You value personal growth and seek to better utilize your strengths.
  • You enjoy being challenged and challenging your peers and students.
  • You see great potential in those around you and encourage them to reach that potential.
  • People come to you for guidance and you positively impact them.
  • You emphasize strong relationships, varied interests, and dynamic learning communities.
  • You’re not afraid of hard work to create positive change.
  • You have a gift and want to share it to help students be successful.

source site If four or more of these sound true for you, educational coaching is definitely worth exploring!

It’s Not Consulting!

Proscar Online Sat?s Educational coaching offers a distinct advantage over consulting. Consulting is about the consultant delivering the right answers. Coaching is about asking the right questions while empowering educators to create their own customized and personal solutions, and becoming the drivers of success. Through improved communication, focus, and accountability, coaching dramatically increases the institution’s capacity to accomplish better results. Consulting focuses on delivering solutions. Coaching focuses on increasing the educators’ capacity to repeatedly develop solutions.

It’s Not Mentoring!

source Coaching is not mentoring. Mentoring aims to share best practices and is based on the experience of the mentor as an expert. Mentors focus on identifying a ‘problem’ that needs to be addressed and offering solutions. Coaches see opportunities, not problems. Coaching is results-oriented, maintains a focus on the current situation and actively develops plans for the future. Mentoring focuses on providing support through the expertise of the mentor. Coaching focuses on helping educators create possibilities that generate powerfully different results.

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